Pembroke High School- Shelter-in-Place

Good Evening Parents of Freshmen and Sophomores,
Tonight, during our Exam Review Night, we utilized a Shelter-in-Place in response to a medical situation that occurred in the corridor. 
A Shelter-in-Place is a response that allows teaching and learning to continue in the classroom, but we ask that students and staff remain in the classroom and out of the hallways so that medical personnel can attend to the situation without interruption and the affected person can be afforded as much privacy as possible.  
Thanks to the fast responses of our police and fire departments, the event lasted for about 20 minutes and the Shelter-in-Place was lifted soon thereafter.  The hot chocolate was just served and students are now moving about our corridors freely, moving from one support session to another.  
We appreciate the cooperation of our students and staff throughout the entire incident.   Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.