Pembroke High School Weekly Update

Dear PHS Families,
Here is this week's update.  As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions on these or any other matters.  
Term 2 progress reports will be issued to students on Monday, December 20 during E-Block (second to last period).  Remember, progress reports are a snapshot of how a student is performing at the midway point in the term.  There is still plenty of time remaining in Term 2, so students should continue to work hard and take advantage of the supports in place for them (Titan Time, after-school help, etc.).  Grades close for Term 2 on Wednesday, January 26.  
Speaking of the end of Term 2, this is a reminder that the last week of the term is dedicated to our semester exams.  These 90-minute exams do not factor into Term 2 grades.  Rather, they are stand-alone grades that count for 10% of students' final (yearly) grades.  Our exam days are half-days, with two exams scheduled per day.  Student dismissal is at 10:50 a.m. each day.  The is the schedule for our semester exams:
  • Thursday, January 20 - Exam Review Day:  This is a full day of school with all seven periods meeting so teachers and students can have one last opportunity to review for semester exams.  To allow us to run all seven periods, we do not run Titan Time on Exam Review Day.   
  • Friday, January 21 - Exams for Periods 5 and 6 
  • Monday, January 24 - Exams for Periods 4 and 7 
  • Tuesday, January 25 - Exams for Periods 3 and 1
  • Wednesday, January 26 - Exams for Period 2 and Makeups
  • Thursday, January 27 - First day of Term 3/Semester 2
COCOA and CRAM - Exam Review Night:
In preparation for semester exams,  we are hosting our annual Cocoa and Cram - Exam Review Night on Wednesday, January 19 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  This review night is for our freshmen and sophomores as we look to support them with this entirely new experience.  
Many members of our faculty and dozens of PHS National Honor Society students will run small and large group study sessions - by subject.  While the night is not mandatory, we certainly encourage our 9th and 10th graders to take advantage of this opportunity.  More details to follow, but save the date!  Join us on 1/19!
The Class of 2022 wants to make sure your child is prepared for mid-year exams! Please consider sending your child (all four grades) a Mid-year Exam Care Package to help them get organized and energized.
The package will contain school supplies (notecards, post-its, pen, pencil, a highlighter), refreshments (water, Gatorade, Rice Krispies Treat, granola bar, and M&M’s) along with a personalized note from the buyer. We will try our hardest to accommodate any food-related allergies.
Mid-year Care Packages will be delivered during Advisory on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. If you would like to order a Mid-year Care Package please email The cost is $15. Orders are due no later than Friday, January 7, 2022.
Congratulations to our Performing Arts Students for their amazing Winter Concerts this past week, and thank you to our community for coming out in such large numbers to support them.  Please tune into The Pembroke Educational Channel (Comcast channel 14) for additional viewing times, but here is just a sample of a tremendous moment during Thursday's concert.
In case you missed it, Athletic Director Brian Phillips sent out his weekly PHS Athletics Update.  With the winter sports season underway, there is plenty of action in the coming weeks.  Please consider taking in a game!
After a one-year, COVID-related absence, Mrs. Griggs' Computer Science students are back in the winner's circle of the Congressional App Challenge, hosted by Congressman William Keating.  Congratulations to the following winners of this prestigious computer science competition:
  • Joseph D'Angelo - First Place for developing the Ocean Pollution app. 
  • Evan Jacobson, Nathan Tosone, and Jack Tosone - Second Place for developing the Run with Friends app
  • Jonathan Rajarathinam - Third Place for developing the Stay Healthy app
We are working with representatives of Congressman Keating's office to arrange for an in-person, formal presentation of these awards to these deserving winners.  Congratulations to Joe, Evan, Jack, Nathan, and Jonathan as well as to Mrs. Griggs. 
  • December 20 - T2 Progress Reports distributed 
  • December 23 - Last day of classes before Winter Break
  • December 24-January 2 - Winter Break
  • January 3 - Classes resume
  • January 5 - PHS Titans Boosters Meeting (7 p.m. PHS Library)
  • January 10 - PHS PTO meeting (7 p.m. PHS Library)
  • January 17 - MLK Day, no school
  • January 19 - Cocoa and Cram
  • January 21 - Semester Exam Ps 5 and 6
  • January 24 - Semester Exam Ps 4 and 7
  • January 25 - Semester Exam Ps 3 and 1
  • January 26 - Semester Exam Ps 2 and Makeups
  • January 27 - First day of Term 3/Semester 2
Thanks, all.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with questions about these or any other matters.  Have a great weekend.
Kind Regards,