Pembroke High School - Homecoming Dance Update

Dear PHS Families,
After a one-year hiatus, we are excited about the return of our Homecoming Dance, which will take place this Saturday from 7-10 p.m. 
We have worked closely with the members of the Student Council Executive Board to plan this year's dance, which will have a few different twists to better accommodate any COVID-19 protocols.  Most notably, this year's dance will be held outside on the PHS Athletic Complex.  
Here are few other notable particulars:
  • Tickets ($20 per person) are on sale all this week during school lunches and after school in Ms. Walls's classroom (A213).  We will not be selling tickets "at the door" on the evening of the dance.
  • Only PHS students are allowed at Homecoming, as is the case each year.  No outside students are allowed.
  • While the dance floor and concession stand will all be outside, we will have a warming station established in the gym.  The forecast calls for lows in the mid to high 50's, so we understand that students may want to utilize that space.
  • Our Homecoming Dance is semi-formal, but we understand that some guests may want to have additional layers to keep warm. 
  • Stiletto heels cannot be used on the turf field, so we are asking students to be mindful of their footwear.  Heels with a thicker base are allowed.   
  • While students are inside, they must remain masked and distance themselves appropriately (at least 3-feet).  The gymnasium will be monitored by staff and have seating already spaced by this distance.
  • All students must enter the premises by using the PHS Main Entrance.   Remember, everyone must be masked when entering the building. Students will then be directed to the gymnasium, where they will check-in by grade and then proceed to the turf field by entering out the back doors of the gymnasium (by the weight room).  They can remove their masks once outside.
  • Students driving to the dance can use the front, faculty parking lot.
  • No cars will be allowed to enter the student lot.  We want to keep that area free of cars or guests. 
  • The Senior Class will be running the concession stand, with pizza, hot chocolate, and other refreshments available for purchase (cash only, no Venmo).  Because food and drink cannot be consumed on the turf field, we will have ample tables and lighting on the patio/driveway area around the concession stand.
  • Students must stay at the dance until at least 8:30 p.m.  We encourage them all to stay until the end, but given the potential for lower temps, we understand that students may want to leave a bit earlier. 
  • Students must remain in one of the three areas listed below:
      • On the dance floor on the turf field.  We will have round tables out there for students to sit when not dancing.  
      • The concession stand/dining area.  Again, we will have round tables out there as well.
      • The gymnasium warming station, where they must be masked and safely distanced. 
Thanks, everyone.  We are looking forward to the rest of our Spirit Week and our Homecoming Weekend.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.