Vaccination Attestation

Dear Parents / Caregivers:


On September 27, 2021, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Jeffrey Riley issued a memorandum indicating that, if a school demonstrates a COVID-19 vaccination rate of 80 percent or more of all students and staff in the school, then, upon approval of the Commissioner and local authorities, vaccinated individuals in that school would no longer be subject to the mask requirement as of November 1, 2021.


In order to ascertain whether a school has reached the 80 percent threshold, we ask that, if your child is vaccinated, that you complete this form for your vaccinated student(s). We will use this information to calculate the vaccination rate for each school. As there is currently not a vaccination available for students under 12 years of age, we realize that this attestation does not currently apply to all students.  All documentation related to a child’s vaccination status will be maintained confidentially.


Once 80% of eligible students and staff at a school are vaccinated, the district may apply for a waiver to lift the masking mandate at that school. The masking requirement will be lifted for vaccinated students and staff.  As we near the 80% mark at any school, you will receive more information about the transition process.


We request that you voluntarily share vaccination information to assist in calculating the 80% rate referenced above. If you decline to provide this information for your eligible student(s), they will be considered not vaccinated and not count toward the 80% vaccination goal


We will be cross-referencing the attestations with the vaccination information provided to the schools from the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) database. Our medical health staff will follow up with families who have submitted a vaccination attestation but do not appear in the state database.  This process will ensure we accurately report our vaccination rate to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to receive the waiver. 


We appreciate your understanding as we maintain our commitment to working on the issues related to the current mask mandate while balancing the need to best support our students and staff.


Erin Obey