How do I support my kindergarten students' learning?

End the day on a positive note:

  • Talk with your child about school each day
  • Encourage daily physical activity- indoors and out
  • Set aside a quiet place for your child to do homework activities or practice skills
  • Be aware of the amount of "screen time" your child has on a daily basis

Reinforce learning throughout the year:

  • Check schoolwork every day as you empty your child's backpack
  • Participate in any homework activities with your child
  • Always praise your child for his or her efforts
  • Read to your child daily
  • Let your child see you read 
  • Give your child practice in dressing, zipping, buttoning, and tying shoes
  • Help and encourage your child develop responsibility for clothing and materials
  • Allow your child to make independent choices
  • Assign your child responsibilities around the house
  • Contact your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns
  • Join the PTA, attend school events or volunteer when possible 

Learning activities you can do at home

  • Play games that encourage your child to recognize letters and numbers in the environment
  • Read labels on cans, cereal boxes, signs etc. 
  • Play board games, do puzzles and play rhyming games
  • Visit the Pembroke Public Library
  • Read books and children's magazines together
  • Begin a story and ask your child to finish it
  • Look for opportunities that fice your child a chance to participate in group activities and peer interaction
  • Provide opportunities for your child to share and help others
  • Practice coloring, cutting, pasting and other motor skills with your child
  • Let your child help set the table, measure ingredients for family meals