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Congratulations to our adjustment counselor Mrs. Rachel McGowan (LCISW) and her dog Bauer, who have both earned the proper certifications to allow Bauer to serve as our new PHS therapy dog.  Both Bauer and Mrs. McGowan earned their certifications (he as a therapy dog and she as a certified dog handler) through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  As we begin our third consecutive school year impacted by COVID-19, we are very excited at having Bauer visit our school in the coming weeks. 



The plan is to gradually introduce Bauer to our school community beginning the week of September 20, with his visits occurring once or twice a week throughout the early part of the fall.  As the year progresses, we will gradually increase Bauer's visits to our school with the potential for him to eventually be here on a daily basis!  


Bauer will stay with Mrs. McGowan whenever he is in our school. Initially, he will be available to students that meet with our adjustment counselors as part of those counseling sessions.  Eventually, however, we aim to provide opportunities for the student body in general to access Bauer during controlled environments as the year progresses.  


Bauer is an adorable, hypoallergenic goldendoodle, and his interactions with our students will always be controlled, monitored, and safe.  We have also ensured that our custodial staff will be vigilant about any proper cleaning procedures.  If you do not want your child to have access to Bauer, please reach out to me directly via email or phone call.   


We are thankful to Mrs. McGowan for undertaking this training and for allowing us to share in the comfort and pleasure that Bauer will undoubtedly provide our students and staff.