Work Permits

  • Work permits are approved at the Pembroke High School in the Guidance Department. Permit requests should be made between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM Mon-Fri during the school year.  Call ahead at the phone number below during the summer months as office hours can vary in the summer.   A printable application form is available below.  

    *Students who are residents of Pembroke and who do not attend Pembroke Public Schools must show Birth Certificate and School ID in addition to application.  Application must be presented in person by student


    How long is the work permit valid?
    • The work permit is valid as long as the minor is employed in the same job.  When the minor’s job description or employer change, a new work permit is required.

    What records must be kept?

    • The office issuing a work permit must maintain a copy of the information contained in the work permit, the work permit application, and copies of supporting documents until the minor turns 18.
    • If a permit is issued for a job in a town other than that in which the minor resides, a copy of the permit must be sent to that town’s superintendent.
    • A record must also be kept of the names and addresses of minors to whom permits were refused, the school to which each student is assigned, and the reason for each denial.
    • The employer must keep the work permit on file for the duration of minor’s employment or until the minor turns 18, whichever is sooner.  When a minor’s employment ends, the employer must return the work permit to the office that issued it within two days. 

    How else can schools promote compliance with work permit laws?

    • Add links to the work permit application and Attorney General’s website to school websites.
    • Include a notice in regular communications with students and parents that informs them of the work permit requirement and identifies the school official in charge of issuing them.
    • Send home a notice regarding work permits every year. 


    • MA Attorney General’s Office, Fair Labor Division hotline: (617) 727-3465
    • Department of Labor Standards: (617) 626-6952 or Work permit applications to be completed by the minor, parent, employer, and physician (if required) may be downloaded from this page.
    • Youth Employment and Safety (YES) Team: If you or your designees would be interested in receiving further training on work permits, or on child labor laws and workplace safety for youth, please contact the YES Team at (617) 624-5632 or at The YES Team is a coalition of state and federal agencies dedicated to young worker safety.


    PHS Work Permit Application Form


    If you have any additional questions, please contact Janice Webb in the Pembroke Public Schools Guidance Department.  (781) 293-9281 X 2115 or