Rules and Guidlines for Use of Pembroke Public Schools Facilities

  • The following rules and guidelines have been established for Building and Turf Field Use:

    July 1st – July 15th applications will be accepted for fall usage of fields, turf and buildings.

    September 1 – September 15th applications will be accepted for winter building usage.

    February 1st – February 15th applications will be accepted for spring usage fields, turf and buildings.

    May 1st – May 15th applications will be accepted for summer usage of fields, turf and buildings.

    In the event of conflicting applications that have been submitted, the following priorities will govern determination of usage:

    1. Pembroke Public School Use
    2. Pembroke Youth Non-Profit groups that are recognized under the Pembroke Youth Athletic Association only
    3. Pembroke Adult Non-Profit
    4. Pembroke Youth For Profit
    5. Pembroke Adult For Profit
    6. All Other Groups 

    To be defined as a Pembroke Group those groups applying must serve participants composed of 80% Pembroke Residents. A roster will be required with names and address of those participating.

    Should more than one group request same dates and times which cannot be resolved using the above priorities, permit will be established by lot. Any protests concerning the resolution of conflicting building/field requests must be filed in writing with the Superintendent of Schools within 14 day after the date of decision.

    All applicants requesting more than one time usage will need to complete a License agreement in addition to the application.

    Cancellation Policy:

    In the event that your group is not going to use the facilities that you were previously approved for a cancellation fee of $25.00 may be charged if 48 hours’ notice is not provided. All cancellations should be reported to the Director of Facilities at 781-293-9281 x 2113 for weekly usage. User groups will be provided with the name and phone number of the custodian covering their weekend event and cancellations should be called into them directly at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled event. 

    Insurance Requirements:

    All user groups are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance prior to the use of the facilities. Liability insurance limits are a minimum of at least Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) for property damages, One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for injury to or death of any one person, and Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) for injuries or deaths arising out of any one occurrence, such policies to be written by reputable companies licensed to do business in Massachusetts. Failure to submit liability insurance may result in the user group being denied access to Pembroke Public School facilities.

    Release of Liability Form:

    It is the responsibility of the approved user group to copy the Release of Liability form included in this packet. All people participating in the approved event must complete the Release of Liability form. Forms should be held on file by the requesting user group and available for submittal at the request of Pembroke Public Schools.

    Pembroke Youth Groups:

    As a recognized member of the Pembroke Youth Athletic Association (PYAS) priority is given to PYAS groups with the understanding that the maintenance of the fields and turf will be cleaned and trash removed at the end of each event. It is expected that PYAS user groups empty all barrels used into the dumpster at the end of every event. Barrels should be emptied and ready for the next user group. Turf and fields will be spot-checked by Pembroke Public Schools maintenance department to ensure the turf and fields are clean; failure to do so will result in the need for custodial coverage for all PYAS groups and the appropriate weekend fees will be charged.

    Gymnasium Usage:

    Groups approved to use school gymnasiums should not enter the gym area until the start of their scheduled usage if another group is using the gym. Nor should groups arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled events. It is the responsibility of the user group to ensure that spectators remain in the gym area and are not roaming around the building. There is NO FOOD OR DRINKS with the exception of water allowed in the gym. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in your group being removed from the accepted user list.

    Turf Usage:

    A lock box will be placed outside the turf field with a weekly schedule of all users. If there is a discrepancy between groups the group listed on the weekly schedule has the use of the turf. All discrepancies should be addressed to the Director of Facilities the following day if a week day and on Monday’s if the discrepancy is over a weekend. The Director of Facilities can be reached at 781-293-9281 x 2113

    Audio Visual Technician:

    Unless other arrangements have been made with Pembroke Public Schools all user groups that request to use the auditorium at Pembroke High School that require the use of stage lighting and/or sound must use a Pembroke Public School audio visual technician. The hourly rate of $20 will be charged to the group for this service. Not for Profit Organizations: In order to be recognized as a not for profit organization the appropriate paperwork showing non-profit status must be submitted with your organizations application. If your group does have the appropriate paperwork, there will be a charge for the facilities. Processing of Applications: Applications will be processed when all requested supporting documents (including liability insurance and not for profit paperwork) has been submitted and the appropriate signature has signed off on the application. Failure to submit a complete application may result in a delay in processing your application.