•                                          South Shore VoTech   BUS 7

                                       Bus Lot # 781-293-5182 if needed



    STOP (6:30a)       4 Monroe St                                            

    LEFT                           on Mill Street

    LEFT                           on Center St (Rt.36)

    STOP  (6:40a)        528 Center Street                                                  

    RIGHT                        on WEST Street      

    STOP  (6:42a)      West Street & Oak Terrace                                

    LEFT                           onto School St (Rt. 27)

    RIGHT                        onto Oak Street

    STOP  (6:48a)      Oak Street/Plymouth St & High Street East   

    Continue                   on Plymouth Street          

    STOP (6:49a)       314 Plymouth Street                                            

    Continue                   on Plymouth Street

    RIGHT                        at fork to continue on Plymouth St

    RIGHT                        on Union Street

    CONTINUE                Through lights onto Mattakeesett St

    RIGHT                        at Rotary, Continue on Mattakeesett St

    LEFT                           onto Wampatuck ST

    STOP  (6:57a)     Wampatuck St & Adams Ave (2nd entrance)     

    RIGHT                        onto Oldham St

    LEFT                           onto Center St (Rt. 14)

    RIGHT                        onto High Street

    Continue                   on High Street

    LEFT                           onto Old Washington Street

    STOP  (7:07a)    111 Old Washington Street                                

    CONTINUE                on Old Washington Street

    LEFT                           onto Washington Street (Rt. 53/14)

    RIGHT                        onto Water Street

    STOP  (7:12a)     52 Water Street                                                     

    CONTINUE                on Water Street

    RIGHT                        onto Church Street (Rt. 139)

    RIGHT                        onto Oak Street

    LEFT                           onto Pembroke Woods Dr.

    STOP  (7:20a)     Pembroke Woods Dr. & Winter St                                               

    Exit via Winter St, express to SSVT

    RIGHT                        on Oak Street

    RIGHT                        on Rt. 139

    LEFT                           on Ramp to Rt. 3 North

    EXIT #32                    Ma-53 north

    RIGHT                        at end of Ramp

    LEFT                           on Webster Street / Rt. 123

    LEFT                           into SSVT