COVID-19 Community Information

Protocols for responding to COVID-19 scenarios in school, on the bus, or in community settings.

DESE Close Contact Decision Tree

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Protocols Overview



    Close Contact Identification:

    Close Contacts are defined as any individual that has been within 6 feet of space of a COVID-19 positive case for more than 15 minutes cumulative in a 24-hour period.

    • At three feet of spacing with masks, there would be no classroom-based contact tracing.

    Any time there is a positive case (staff or student) the school nurse works directly with the classroom educators to determine any close contacts. In addition, we use the seating charts provided for indoor snack, indoor lunch, and indoor mask breaks - at these times students are unmasked and within 6 feet of space.

    Our staff is aware of the spacing requirements and is mindful of our protocols when organizing activities and groupings for children.



    Identified asymptomatic close contacts may quarantine per the CDC guidelines or participate in our Test & Stay program.

    • There are no quarantining or testing requirements for identified close contacts that are vaccinated
    • Quarantining for unvaccinated asymptomatic close contacts is returning after 7 days if testing on day 5 or later or returning after 10 days if not testing.
    • Quarantining for symptomatic close contacts (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) is returning after day 10 as long as they are fever-free and have an improvement in all symptoms.
    • Test & Stay for identified asymptomatic close contacts requires BinaxNow testing for 5 school days following exposure. On non-school days identified close contacts are recommended to quarantine. The reasoning for the 5 days of testing is that in a traditional week, with five days of in-school testing and the weekend the Test & Stay program spans the 7 days of traditional quarantine outlined by the CDC.



    Identified school-based close contacts will receive notification directly from the school (school nurse)

    COVID Reporting is done through our COVID Dashboard. This has been the method of communication of cases for the past year. The dashboard reflects the most accurate information and is updated multiple times per day/week as new information is made available.

    If you have specific concerns about your student, the best resource is to contact your school nurse.


Covid-19 Protocols Flowchart- August 2021

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