• June 26, 2020 

    Dear Pembroke Families:

    We hope you are well and enjoying these beautiful summer days.  As we prepare for school in the fall, we are looking for your input in regard to remote learning.

    We are looking for two-parent/guardian representatives from each of our 5 schools to form a Parent Remote Learning Working Group. The goal of the group would be to identify best practices experienced during the spring of 2020 and potential improvements to remote learning delivery in anticipation of a potential quarantine later this year. We would ask that interested parent/guardians email, Sharon Monteforte, directly (Sharon.monteforte@pembrokek12.org) identifying the school their students attend. We are hoping to get a good mix of grades represented in this working group.  If we get more responses than we have spaces for families, we will just draw names.  For those families that may be interested and are either not able to commit to the meeting schedule or aren’t selected, we will be offering other opportunities in the form of parent subgroups as well as parent forums on certain topics.  Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th at 4:00 pm.

    We will be forming a larger district-wide group to inform our future practices that will include administrators, teachers, parents, and other members of our school community. We hope that the Parent Remote Learning Working Group will identify two members to serve as representatives to the district group.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




    Erin Obey


    Pembroke Public Schools

Remote Learning Parent Committee Members


    Melissa Joyce
    Samantha Long
    Tracey Mann
    Felecia Marsocci
    John Hannon
    Kimberly Rejewski
    Lisa Mercurio
    Sarah MacDonald
    Lisa Burns
    Barbara Gallagher