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  • How can I Login to my Student Naviance Account?

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    1.  Go to https://student.naviance.com/pembrokehs

    2.  Click on "Forgot your password?"

    3.  Enter your SCHOOL EMAIL address(lastname.firstname@pembrokek12.org)

    4.  Login to your school email and use the temporary password to login to Naviance.  You will be prompted to create a new password.

         ****Keep this password in a safe place so you remember it!***

    PLEASE NOTE:  Your Naviance Username is:  Firstname.lastname( Not an Email Address)

    To access your school email:

     1.  Open your mobile web browser

    2.  Go to http://login.microsoftonline.com

    3.  Enter your username- lastname.firstname@pembrokek12.org

    4.  Enter your school login password(which is also the same password that is used to login to a computer)

     5.  Select Outlook-This will get you to the web platform for your email, but you can also download the Outlook app and login in there.  The app is       

          easier to access/use.

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  • What is Family Connection?

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    A web-based resource that supports course, career, and college planning

    Specific data from Pembroke High School

    Links with the Common Application and utilizes eDocs to send transcripts to colleges

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  • How do you register?

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    Each parent and student receives a code 

    Use code to create a personal account

    Codes are random and alphanumeric for security reasons 

    Codes can be used only once On your first visit, enter the code in the New User box, then follow on-screen instructions

    On subsequent visits, sign in using the Returning User box

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  • What can I do with it?

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    Share career & college plans

    Complete surveys

    Compare colleges

    Links to selected third-party resources

    Track deadlines

    Produce scattergrams

    Show schedule of college visits

    Links to Common Application

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  • How does it help career and college planning?

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    Shared resource linking home to school

    Online tool for collaboration among counselors, students, and parents

    Accurate, complete records about student choices from our school

    Realistic assessments of your child’s chances of admission at colleges where prior graduates have applied

    Career exploration

    Course planning

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