World Language Staff Photo
  • Saviz Safizadeh 

    Foreign Language Content Coordinator

    The foreign language department (grades 7-12) is focusing this year on our Level I classes in Spanish, French and Latin, taught both at the Middle School and the High School. We have begun and will continue working to align our curriculum across buildings as well as with the Massachusetts State Frameworks. Our goal is that all Level I classes are taught the same concepts and students are prepared in the same ways to continue their study of the target language.

    To this end, we will be working to create common assessments for French I, Spanish I and Latin I. Our goal is to create four assessments that will focus on central concepts that students need to understand at an introductory level. This year we will create and pilot these assessments in our classrooms. Our hope is that the data we gather from these assessments will serve us in two ways: firstly, as formative assessments to inform our teaching, as well as to help place students appropriately in foreign language classes the following year. Our first common assessment is projected for December. In French and Spanish, we will assess the concept of number and gender agreement. Latin will use a writing assessment to focus on noun adjective agreement, complementary infinitives, transitive and intransitive verbs, infinitives with impersonal verbal phrase, nominative and accusative nouns (1st, 2nd and 3rd declension) and derivatives.

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