Save Your School Documents

  • Please see the instructions below for downloading all of your school documents to take with you when you graduate or transfer out of Pembroke Public Schools.  It will be easiest to do this while logged into a school computer.

    If you are coming back to Pembroke Public Schools after the summer break, no worries!  All of your documents will still be here for you when you return.

    School Google Account: Download to Flash Drive or Transfer to a Personal Google Account

    • Log into your school Google account
    • Click your account icon at the top right (circle with a person icon or your picture)
    • Click My Account
    • Under Personal Info and Privacy, click Control Your Content
    • You can choose to download the content of your drive OR you can transfer your content to another Google account
    • Follow the on-screen prompts or click here to see the Google help article for further details

    School OneDrive: Download To Flash Drive/H Drive

    • Log into your school OneDrive
    • Hover your mouse to the left of the word "Name"
    • Click the button to select all of your folders
    • Click Download. 
    • A zip file with all of your files can then be downloaded to a Flash Drive, H Drive or other location on your computer.

    H Drive: Download to Flash Drive or Upload to Cloud

    Option 1: Download to a Flash Drive

    • Insert your Flash Drive into the computer
    • Go to your H drive
    • Click Ctrl+A
    • Right Click anywhere within the highlighted files and Folders
    • Choose Send To
    • Choose Compressed Zip Folder
    • After the download is complete, right click the folder and click Copy
    • Click This PC
    • Click the Flash Drive
    • Right click within the blank space in the window and click Paste

    Option 2: Upload to a Personal Google Account

    • Log into your personal Google Account
    • Go to Drive
    • Click My Drive
    • Click Upload Folder
    • Choose your H Drive and click Upload

    Option 3: Upload to a Personal OneDrive Account

    • Log into your Personal OneDrive Account
    • Click Upload
    • Click Folder
    • Choose your H Drive and click Upload