BYOD Wireless Network Login Instructions

  • Notes:

    • The BYOD network is for personal devices. Pembroke-owned devices use different wireless networks (PPSWlan or PPS Assets).
    • You have a maximum of two devices that can be registered on the BYOD network.
    • You will need to log into the BYOD Network every day (daily login instructions below).

    Login Instructions:

    1. Go to the wi-fi settings on your device
    2. Choose BYOD
    3. Go to your internet browser and type in
    4. Click the link to register your device
    5. Log in by entering your work email address and email password
    6. You will be asked to read and agree to the terms of the Internet Acceptable Use Agreement for Pembroke Public Schools
    7. After reading the terms, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click or tap the checkbox next to “I Agree” 
    8. Click or tap Submit