Kindergarten Registration Process & Timeline

  • Step 1: Child Search

    In January of the school year prior to enrollment, our elementary schools begin what is known as "Child Search".  Letters are sent home with all children currently enrolled in our elementary schools.  In addition, a "Child Search" form is added to our website.  The purpose of Child Search is to identify all children who are of age to enter Kindergarten during the next school year so that additional registration information can be sent to prospective families.

    Step 2: Kindergarten Information Letters

    In early February, letters from elementary school principals are sent home to all families identified during the Child Search process.  The letter will include additional information regarding registration at your child's school, Kindergarten screenings, and your school's Kindergarten Parent Information Night.

    Step 3: Online Registration Forms - Kindergarten Pre-registration

    Pre-Registration Packets will be available in the spring.

    Step 4: Attend Kindergarten Information Night and Bring Additional Documentation With You

    A Kindergarten Parent Information Night will be held on the date indicated in the Kindergarten Information Letter that was sent to you by your school's principal in early February.  During the Kindergarten Parent Information Night, your child's Kindergarten Screening will be scheduled.

    Bring with you (to your Kindergarten Parent Information Night) copies of the documentation below that can be left with the school: 

    • Deed, lease agreement, mortgage bill, tax bill, electric bill or water bill
    • Current driver's license or valid photo ID
    • Child's birth certificate
    • Child's immunization and physician's examination records
    • Previous school records (if applicable)
    • Copy of court/custody papers (if applicable)
    • If you reside with a friend or family member and do not own or lease your home, the homeowner must submit a NOTARIZED letter stating you and your child(ren) reside with them at their Pembroke address. The homeowner will also need to submit a copy of their deed, lease agreement, mortgage bill, tax bill, electric bill or water bill.

    Step 5: Kindergarten Screening

    Attend your child's Kindergarten Screening.

    Step 6: Complete the Full Online Registration Packet

    During the summer months prior to your child's Kindergarten year, you must complete the full online registration packet.  The packet will include important updates, parent signature forms, and bus pass applications. You will receive a broadcast email with further instructions when the summer packet becomes available.