• Jessica Lazarus


    Mrs. Lazarus Profile Photo 

    PHS Digital Art

    Ms. Lazarus has a background in teaching both Fine Arts and Digital Art Courses in Bridgewater, MA. She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching in the Creative Arts from Bridgewater State University. Prior to this degree, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and 3D Small Metals with a minor in Industrial Design through the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. On a quest for lifelong learning, she became part of the class of 2016 School for Arts Leaders program headed by the National Art Education Association. She was soon designing empowering projects with her students and together they developed an outreach project called Traveling Tokens. See www.travelingtokens.com to be inspired by a variety of social values and comment on students’ artworks.

    She has been in a number of art shows throughout the state of Massachusetts. Her students have received both honorable mentions and silver awards at the Boston Scholastic Art Awards. Ms. Lazarus is a team player who enjoys participating in monthly events such as arts and social advocacy, Peace Day and Earth Month programs and festivities engaging both her students and the greater community.