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  • PPS Covid-19 Dashboard
  • PPS Remote Website
  • Protocols for responding to COVID-19 scenarios in school
  • Edgenuity Resources
  • Weekly Updates by School
  • Technology Help
  • Fall Reopening Plans
  • Fall Hybrid Model Plan Example
  • Fall Planning Family Survey
  • Fall Reopening Presentation 8.3.20
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • DESE Fall School Reopening Guidance
  • Fall Reopening Facilities and Operations Guidance
  • Fall Reopening Transportation Guidance
  • School Committee Recordings


  • Which model will Pembroke start the school year in?

  • When is the first day of school for students?

  • I did not receive the survey for my child to indicate our plans for return to school; what should I do?

  • Orientations and Building Transitions

  • What would trigger the move from hybrid to full remote?

  • When will I know what cohort my child is in?

  • How will we determine which students fall under cohort C? (four day instruction)

  • What is the learning platform that 100% remote students will access?

  • When do families have to decide which model they choose?

  • Will my children be in the same cohort?

  • Where can I see the recordings of the school committee meetings?

  • Where can I find the District Calendar?

  • If Monday is a holiday will the following Tuesday be the remote day?

  • What is the overall goal for K-12 education in the academic school year 2020-21?

  • What is the timeline to submit our plans?

  • Will there be a delay to the start of the school year?

  • Who oversees the development of these plans?

  • Will parents choose whether to send their children to school or keep them learning remotely?

  • How will Remote Learning work? If we choose a plan but it does not work for our student/s, will there be opportunities to change the plan?

  • Are school districts responsible for students who are choosing remote learning?

  • What is the difference between homeschooling and remote learning?

  • Will remote learning be just like it was in the spring?

  • If my child is remote learning, will he/she learn have access to the same curricula that the students in class will learn?

  • My family does not have enough technology in our home. Will laptops be provided?

  • I do not have a printer, how can I get access to printed materials?

  • What does the lunch schedule look for students who are in the hybrid model at home learning days?

  • When are athletics and transportation fees due?

  • Does our choice between the hybrid or remote model impact my child’s ability to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities?

  • What safety measures will be in place for students and staff?

  • What are the guidelines for safe distancing requirements between students?

  • Are ten students the maximum number in one class in the fall (as provided in the Initial Summer School Guidance issued on June 4, 2020)?

  • How do we measure how many desks can fit into a classroom?

  • Will students have their own desks/lockers?

  • How do we ensure social distance in school? What about shared items etc.?

  • What are my options for childcare when my student will be remote learning some or all of the time?

  • Who needs to wear a mask or face covering, and when do they have to be worn?

  • Can parents send children to school without a mask/face covering if they do not have access to one?

  • Are there exceptions to wearing masks or face coverings?

  • When students are in the cafeteria or in classrooms or other spaces to eat, what is the space requir

  • When, if ever, should students and staff be tested for COVID-19? Is there routine testing?

  • What are the health and safety guidelines for teachers?

  • What are the protocols for a COVID-19 Positive within our district?

  • Why was the decision made not to take temperatures upon arrival at school?

  • What is the proper handwashing technique?

  • Can the teachers to keep the assignments in PowerSchool updated (and forecasted 3 days) and to be consistent with the naming across both platforms (Gooogle Classroom and PowerSchool) for consistency and to help parents help their kids stay organized during this time of transition.

  • What is the proper hand sanitizing technique?

  • Is hand sanitizing an acceptable replacement for handwashing?

  • Do we have to keep classroom windows open?

  • What about ventilation within our buildings?

  • Are the Community Service requirements for seniors different now, considering it's harder to find these opportunities?

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